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3D Connexion: Making your mouse even more jealous

3D Connexion has just announced new drivers for their line of 3D controllers.  I reviewed one of these units a while back.  You are probably thinking "New drivers, big deal.  That's like me getting excited over regular vs premium gas."

You are right, driver updates are normally just bug fixes and other boring things.  This update is a little more involved.  After you install this update you will be able to whip through web pages, fly through playlists on iTunes, and even Windows Explorer.  You accountants out there could really spice up your day by panning around a giant spreadsheet (Yes, you can really do that now)

Best of all, this update is free.  It will make your 3D Connexion device, no matter what model much more useful.  Lets just hope your regular mouse is not the jealous type.