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3D Printed Hexbright Flashlight Mount

So the other day I got myself a Hexbright flashlight.  If you haven't seen one of these, it's an Arduino powered flashlight.  It's incredibly nerdy, as you can hack and program your own flashlight. In the sprit of hacking, I decided I wanted to make a mount for it so that I could attach it to things like my car, bike, head, etc.  To do this, I first needed a solid way to latch it to something:


I happen to own a Makerbot, so I designed this latch in Sketchup.  It's a snap latch that holds the flashlight pretty tight:

The latch is completely designed in Sketchup.  If you'd like to check the model out yourself, or would like to have one printed, you can check it out here on Thingiverse.