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A table, the dynamic way

Hey folks, I just wanted to share this little gem I found in the 3D Warehouse with you...

A lot of times in kitchen design, the kitchen table plays a big part in the design.  I find myself often placing one in my designs. They are pain to draw, and its hard sometimes to find the right size one on the 3D Warehouse.

No more though!  With the advent of Dynamic Components, we can use one table for whatever we need in terms of size!

If you search for "dc table google" in the 3D Warehouse you'll come across one that looks like this:

There is more then meets the eye with the table.  Its dynamic, that means you have choices.

If you use the scale tool on this table, and stretch it out, it automagically gets longer without getting distorted, and it will throw in the correct amount of chairs.

If you right click on the table, and select the menu called "Dynamic Components" and then "Component Options" You are exposed to a menu that shows several different options for the table.  You can change the color of the cushions. You can select if you want the chairs at random angles, or if you have a touch of OCD, you can have them lined up perfectly.  

You can even use the "Interact" tool to hide certain chairs.

You can even make the largest table in the world with just using your scale tool. (You may want to NOT do this if you are using an underpowered machine!)
This table is really useful, and I use it all the time.  Its so easy to scale it to the size that you need, it sure beats drawing something from scratch.  Check out this great DC to save you time on your next design!