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Apps for Sketchup? Steve Jobs is not amused

Sketchup is as useful in the 3D world as a Swiss Army knife, but sometimes it just doesn't do exactly what you want it to do.

Just like you can put an app on your smartphone, you can add a plugin for Sketchup.  There is a great developer community out there, and just like the smartphone apps, a lot of the Sketchup plugins are free.

Plugins solve problems.  One problem that I have is that clients always love to change colors.  When you've got a Sketchup model full of materials it can be time consuming to swap them all out.

Thanks to a plugin by Thomas Thomassen I can now do this with just a couple of clicks.  Check out the video of his "Material Replacer" plugin below:

This fabulous plugin can be had for free by downloading it right here.  Thomas, or "ThomThom" on the forums works for cookies.  So please, if you like this plugin send him a cookie.