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Basecamp 2010

This is a boulder that doesn't get capitalized.
This Boulder gets capitalized.

It's where I am heading to on Tuesday for the tenth anniversary of Google Sketchup.  Every so often, the folks over at Google invite users from Sketchup from all over the world out to the Sketchup factory in Boulder for what Google calls an "unconference".
Two hundred Sketchup users were invited.  Myself, and another fellow Sketchup user will be hailing form western Massachusetts, some folks are local to Boulder, and some are coming from around the world!  I have been in contact with a fellow Sketchup user form Australia!  We "met" online due to our mutual interest in our favorite 3D modeling software, and now are going to meet for the first time. He's not the only one coming from overseas.
It's events, and people like this that make me really appreciate what I had to go through in high school as a bit of a geek. Now I get to hang with people from all over the world, at one of the biggest tech phenomenons of our time.

Yes, that is the main lobby of the Google Boulder office.  Yes, you do see a rock climbing wall in the background!
I'll be keeping my Facebook page and my Twitter feed as up to date as possible while I am out there (and while sitting idle at the airport as well).  Stay tuned for more details!