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Gessi: Stellar build quality & so much more...

I’m no stranger to high end faucets. I was a stranger to Italy. No more though thanks to the folks at Modenus and Gessi Faucets.

Upon leaving Venice for Milan, the group of us headed over to Eurocucina to visit the booth of Gessi Faucets. I’d heard of them before, and even spec’d them on some jobs. All I knew is that they were quite high end.

Their booth was packed. Approaching it I knew this was going to be an experience...

The booth was a very tastefully done mixture of art and nature.

Now on to the hardware:






Aside from being just great looking faucets, they are built very well. The best looking faucet can be ruined for me if operating it feels like you’re pushing around a stick in a lumpy bucket of mud. These faucets are just the opposite. They feel like you’re operating a precision machined Leica camera. Every action is met with satisfying metallic click.

Like this post, our tour of the booth at Eurocucina was just a taste of what Gessi can do. Later on in the week I’ll take you on the tour of their own showroom in Milan’s art district. It’s a combination of a Bond Villain's lair and the greatest spa experience I’ve ever seen. I thought Gessi just made fantastic hardware, boy was I wrong, they make so much more...