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Great Design + Sketchup = Awesome (DIFFA)

A while back, a friend who goes by the name of Tyler Wisler who's a fantastic interior approached me with a problem:

He was selected as a DIFFA designer.  DIFFA stands for Design Industries Foundation for Fighting AIDS.  What DIFFA does is get excellent designers to design these baskets that are filled with all kinds of donated product.  The baskets are auctioned off and the proceeds go to AIDS research.  You can see some of the baskets here.

Tyler had a design in mind, but needed someone to build it.  That's when he approached me to do a 3D model for him.  We started with this sketch from Tyler:



After getting that, and some pictures of the fabrics and colors, I went to work building the Sketchup model.  I did an initial model for him, we tweaked a few colors and this was the end result:



I even did a dimensioned drawing so that the fabricators could build it exactly the way he wanted:



The end result? This:

2012-09-15 20.23.29


So combining great design technology, and fantastic design sense, this incredible design came to life with hardly any friction.  Designers should have tools that get out of their way and let them design, and Sketchup is just such a tool.  Nice work Tyler!