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Handibot Sharpie Mod

Being that the high temperature around me has been in the single digits for a few days I decided to find something that didn't involve working in an unheated garage. Teaching people how to use a CNC can be a loud and dusty experience. I've always thought it would be better to have people draw with a CNC first before making any sawdust. It's easier, safer, and quiet.

To make that happen I looked to see if anyone has made a pen holder for a CNC machine. Turns out they have, but they're expensive and typically only fit 1/2" collets. I've got a 1/4" collet on my machine.

To make this holder you're going to need:

  • The 3D model I built
  • 1 1/4" x 2" Clevis Pin
  • 1 5/16" x 1/2" set screw
  • 1 5/16" tap
  • 1+ standard Sharpie markers

1: 3D Print the model

I printed mine using 10% infill and 4 shells. The thinker shells gave me something that I could tap for the set screw threads.

2: Tap your set screw threads

Tap your set screw hole. It's very easy to do in the plastic.

Now take your clevis pin and put it up through the bottom with some hot glue. This will hold it in your router in place of a bit.

Now you have a fully assembled Sharpie rig for your Handibot.

Now you have a fully assembled rig! You can go off and make some sweet drawings. Note that this rig is meant to sway around as you draw. If you use a Sharpie with this print no matter which way it swings the point will remain on the center. If you pinch in a pencil, crayon or something else you'll need to center the point.

  1. Load the rig into the machine without any writing implement on it.
  2. Drop the flat part of the rig on top of the material
  3. Zero the machine
  4. Retract it .75"
  5. Install the pen or pencil and let it slide all the way to the material
  6. Tighten the set screw
  7. Zero the machine
  8. DRAW!