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Handibot Work Table

The Handibot can be a great tool to bring on a jobsite and put on material. I've used it to mill interesting things on larger boards that would either be hard to get onto a larger machine or just impossible.

I've started working on some picture frames which require things to be really precise. To that end I've created this table. The idea here is to have a table that allows for clamping and jigging a variety of different size pieces. I experimented with all kinds of metal hardware. Some of it worked, and some didn't. I don't like the idea of metal being in the cutting area if I can help it either. 

Here are some of the features of this work table:

  • 100% wood. All clamps and stops can be made on the Handibot itself.
  • Fence is bolted to the Handibot itself so you can get it perfectly accurately mounted. You can also lift the bot off the table without loosening the fence.
  • Dog holes are symmetrical so you can move the Handibot in many different spots on the table. You can even flip the table over.
  • Most pieces fit against the toggle clamps with a simple wood scrap shim.
  • "Dogs" are made with off the shelf 1" wood dowel available at any hardware store so you can make as many clamps and jigs as you need.
  • Sacrificial insert in fence can be remade with the Handibot.

If you are interested in getting one of these made please contact me. I plan on open sourcing the plans for these, and selling kits for those that are interested in purchasing a ready made set.