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Happy trees with Sketchbook Pro for iPad

So I remember as a kid sometime after Sesame Street, Bob Ross would come on and show the world how to create "Happy little trees" using just a canvas, paint, and some soft spoken words.

As a recent new owner of an iPad, a device hailed by Steve Jobs as "Magical and Revolutionary" I have been rather obsessed with drawing apps for it.  There are many out there.  AutoDesk's Sketchbook Pro really stood out for me because it seems powerful enough for a real artist to use.  I say "seems" because I am about as much as real artist today I was at the age I was watching Bob Ross on TV.

I think this app has great potential for interior designers and artists who want to add that artistic touch to their drawings.  SketchBook Pro has the ability to allow the user to draw over existing photographs.  I could see a designer to use this to color in an elevation or perspective drawing...

So what do you think?  Is this app Bob Ross approved?