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Hurricane Irene Relief

I bumped today's story to ask all of my readers for a favor:

Hurricane Irene as we all know has come and gone, and in it's wake it's left quite the swath of damage.  In my home town there was tons of flooding damage.  We lost many bridges, houses were swept away, and many more homeowners find themselves with condemned homes.  Brattleboro, a town just about 15 minutes from me made national headlines for the destruction that took place there.

This is some of the footage I caught myself in my home town:

Hurricane Irene Flooding Damage from Eric Schimel on Vimeo.

The damage was immense around my area.  This videos are only a taste of what went on.  I thought things were pretty bad until I read this post from my friend Paul Anater.

He tells a story of a place called Cat Island that he visits.  These people aren't as well off as we are.  After reading this story, it makes me look around and realize how lucky we are.  Sure, my town and surrounding towns are beat up.  We've got shelters, aid, insurance, state support, and lots of friends and family to help us out.  These people on Cat Island aren't as lucky as us.  Paul is turning his vacation into a mission of aid.  He's already put $500 dollars of his own money into relief efforts, and I suggest you do to.  Any amount will help.  Perhaps skip that coffee tomorrow morning (ok, maybe the donuts and snacks) and donate.  Any amount will help.

Click here to read the full story and find the link to easily donate a few bucks.