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Jason Wu & Brizo now in Sketchup!

If you aren't aware of Brizo faucets, you should be.  Brizo was started about eight years ago as a spinoff of from the Delta faucet company.  Brizo is quite the opposite of a mass production, engineering first, design second faucet company.

Much like Apple, Ferrari, and other boutique companies they focus on the design of their products above all else.  They apparently drive their engineers insane asking for the impossible.  A few years ago, to further their commitment to design they partnered with Jason Wu, a then up-and-coming fashion designer.  Since then, he's worked closely with Brizo developing the lastest design's in faucets.

Just recently, an entire line of Jason Wu bath products has been launched.  No longer do you just get a great faucet, you get towel bars, soap dishes, cabinet pulls, and even a trash bin.  All of these are made by Brizo, and designed by Jason Wu so they all look fantastic together.  Want to check them out?  Head over here to see them (and preorder)

How about this, do you want to see them in 3D?  Well you can!  Just fire up Sketchup and go to your components window (Window>Components) and punch in "Jason Wu" into the Google Search.  You can get this entire line in 3D to use on your next bath model!

I am working on a bath design right now, I will be posting it later in the week.

If you use these, I'd love to see what you come up with, so feel free to post your models in the comments!

Click here to see the Jason Wu models in the 3D warehouse!