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I am proud to announce that SketchThis.NET has been invited to KBIS this year to present with Igloo Studios and Kraftmaid Cabinetry in their "technology" booth at the show! We will be giving presentations during the show. Stop by and see all of us. This would be great chance to see Sketchup in action live, and get any of your questions answered! As we get closer, I will post more details.

But before the show, you can still get a lot of your Sketchup questions answered right here. In every blog post, I try to offer some tips and insight into using Sketchup in kitchen design. Often when people are faced with the prospect of using a new piece of software it really helps to see what its capable of from start to finish. I find it easier to start with the big picture, to make sure it can do what I want, and then work my way down to the details.

To help folks really see what Sketchup can do for them in kitchen design, I have put together this three minute video montage of a kitchen being designed in Sketchup. After seeing this you will have a really good idea of what Sketchup can do for you! Share it with your friends, and as always, please visit our website to ask any questions you may have.