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Leveraging Technology in the Digital Revolution

On Tuesday I will be in New York City teaching a class that I developed called"Leveraging Technology in the Digital Revolution"

It's my firm belief that we are in a "digital revolution" that parallels the rapid innovation that occurred back the the Industrial Revolution days.  This rapid development in technology means that it can be hard for people to keep up on these rapid changes.

In my class you won't learn how to setup a Wordpress site, configure an email server, or even crop a photo.  Instead, I will be teaching why people use technology.

Technology isn't hard to keep up on if you understand how it's use fits into human behavior.   Once you understand that, you can find a technical person to work on your digital strategy, or focus on learning on just the things that you need to learn, instead of being overwhelmed.

So if you're in New York City and need some AIA, NKBA, or IDCEC continuing education credits, you should stop by and check it out!

You can register for my class here

Classes are Tuesday, March 13th 2012

Architects & Designers Building  150 East 58th Street New York, NY 10155