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Lockitron Smart Lock. Not so smart

The smart home is something that many big tech companies are trying to tackle. There are smart thermostats, smart appliances, and smart security systems to name a few. The promise with most of these systems is that you can control them with your smart phone to make your life easier.

One of the first things I wanted to smarten up in my home was my door lock. I wanted to know that my door would lock, and unlock for me automatically. This would make my home more secure, and make entering with a bag full of groceries a lot easier.

I read about Lockitron. This little gizmo snaps over your existing deadbolt lock, good because I couldn't replace mine.

It promised to make my life easier by eliminating the need for keys. I ordered it and a patiently waited for it.

I see this every time I try to unlock my door. Then the app freezes.

I see this every time I try to unlock my door. Then the app freezes.

Installation was easy. After that, things went downhill. I learned pretty quickly that you needed to use your smartphone to lock and unlock this thing. That's great if you're away from home ad you want to check on your lock. If you're walking in, I expected it to just unlock your door for you because your phone is connected to the lock by Bluetooth. That's not the case. You have to pull your phone out, go into the app, and hit unlock. That's about as convenient as using your keys. On top of that, the lock almost never unlocks when you hit the app. You have to wait for the lock to wake up, or knock on your own door to wake it up.

Call me impatient, but I'm not going to wait for 5-28 minutes for my lock to unlock, I'll just pull out my keys.

On top of that, the mobile app, especially on Android is very buggy. It locks up nearly every time I use it. The iOS app is a bit better.

Maybe something like the August smart lock, or the Kevo will be better. I have a Kevo here in a box that I'd like to try. I'll report once it's installed.