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Measure: Digitally

As any regular reader of this blog knows, I love Sketchup, and I also love a good app for a smart phone.  Lately, I have been mashing up a slick mobile app with Sketchup.  The app, called MyMeasures (available to Android and iOS)  allows you to measure right on a picture.  Check out this video to see it in action:

Pretty awesome right?  I am working on a kitchen with an old soapstone sink that the homeowners want to reuse.  I needed to draw the sink in Sketchup so that I can design a custom cabinet to go beneath it.  I used MyMeasures to get the dimensions.
From this picture, I modeled this:
So, using MyMeasures I was able to capture easily all the details I needed to create this sink in 3D.  The modeling took just a few minutes.  Once I had the 3D model, I was able to work with it as if I was right there on the jobsite in 3D.  Try doing that with 2020!
Feel free to download this model and see it for yourself!