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Last week I was absolutely buried in projects, and this week I will be at NeoCon in Chicago talking about Sketchup, and the iPad. I will be tweeting LIVE with the great folks at Interior Design chat. If you are on Twitter, and you haven't checked out this chat, you need to. It's a great resource if you are in the design industry.

Among my presentations, I will be showing how as a designer you can leverage an iPad to be an amazingly useful design tool. Apple has declared that we are in the "Post PC" era, meaning that tablets are the future. For now, I will leave you with a little taste of the new era with one of the first apps I discovered on my iPad:

As a recent new owner of an iPad, I have been discovering so many new apps that are useful in my daily life at work.  I am a former iPhone owner, so I am no stranger to iOS, or the App store.

I had no idea that the larger form factor of the iPhone would make such a huge difference in the "app experience"

I have been looking for a way to put Sketchup models on the iPad in 3D, so I can present them to clients without having to drag out the laptop.

There is a company called 3Dvia.  They have a 3D iPad browser that can do just that.  They also have an online 3D repository that their 200,000 members can upload 3D models from a variety of 3D design softwares.

All of these models can be browsed with just a few touches right on your iPhone or iPad, check out the video below:

So now I can take all of my 3D models with me on my iPad!  I use this to show clients current projects, and as a portfolio for my previous work.  Head on over to 3Dvia and check out their mobile apps, pretty cool stuff!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, how much is a 3D model worth?