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Plugin Review: Fredo6 Round Corners

Ahh, laziness, slacking off, and procrastination...  You wouldn't think these words would be associated with the innovators and "movers and shakers" of our world, but I disagree.

Without the aforementioned qualities how would we have gotten the Moo Mixer, the Segway, the spaghetti twirler, or the great Nugget Cup?

Well, there's another innovator in the Sketchup world: Fredo6, he is a regular poster and plugin creator who is on the SketchuCation forums.  He is the creator of several brilliant Sketchup plugins.  Ones that are even more useful then the "Moo Mixer".  One that I use on almost a daily basis is called "Round Corners".  In Sketchup, its rather difficult and time consuming to make rounded corners on things.  Using his plugin makes doing this easy, and fast.  Read on to see a video of the plugin in action!

I have talked about plugins before for Sketchup.  Google's open API for Sketchup makes it easy for creators to write these plugins.  Just like Apps can make your smartphone do amazing things, plugins can make you even more fast and productive with Sketchup.

Check out this link on SketchUCation to get this plugin, and instructions on how to install it.  Its free of charge, so go check it out!

I'd be remissed if I also didn't mention the "Hawaii Chair" in my sarcastic list of inventions!