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Rerun: WebPad for iPad

If you're reading this on Monday morning, I am on my way to Chicago for the Kitchen & Bath Design News "Leaders Conference" where I will be presenting "Profiting in the new Digital Age".

Keep an eye on the Twitter for live updates, for now, here's an older post that is still very relevant.

So to add even more awesomeness to the iPad, I have discovered a new app called WebPad.  WebPad lets you draw on your iPad, live on someone else's computer screen.  Ok, I realize that doesn't sound that exciting, so let me give you a real life scenario for this:

A customer called me a while back, I had been working on a design for them.  There was a particular detail that I was describing to them.  I had a picture in my head, and I was attempting to put it into words.  Like a lot of customers, they aren't telepathic, so they didn't understand what I was talking about.   If I was talking about this face to face, I would have fired up Adobe Ideas and draw out the sketch for them.  In this case, I didn't have that choice.

Enter WebPad:  With WebPad, I can fire it up, instantly email my customer a link.  Once they click on the link, they see my iPad screen live on their screen!  As I draw, it shows up on their screen.  AMAZING!  Virtual paper.  Watch my demo live below!