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Sinks of Steel on!

I spend a fair amount of my time on social media. With this, comes reading a log of blogs. I even occasionally take a spin by to see what is happening there.

The other day, unveiled a new initiative: To feature designs, and styles that real people can actually afford! I think this is great, and I think that the styles that they have come with are quite good!

Aside from liking these kitchens, and the idea that they are affordable, my keen eye spotted something: These are all Sketchup models! Since I am a big Sketchup and kitchen design geek, I am always sourcing components from Sketchup's 3D warehouse. In fact, you can see my frequently used products here.
I picked these three images specifically because of the sinks. A while back, I created some stainless steel sink models that I shared in an old blog post.
If you look closely, you can see these sinks are featured in these models!
Now, obviously, these pictures aren't straight out of Sketchup, they are rendered using a 3rd party post processor. I contacted via Twitter and they responded that these were in fact all Sketchup models, and that the rendering had been done in 3D Studio Max.