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Sketchup 8 M1 Released!

Google is releasing an update to Sketchup 8 today.  They've creatively named it "Sketchup 8 M1"

I would't be doing my due diligence as a blogger if I didn't tell you about this update.  With every update Google pushes out for Sketchup, there are are always lots of little fixes.  Things that you may not even realized they fixed have been fixed.

This update includes a big one however... the shadow bug has been fixed!

For those of you that aren't aware, the shadow bug can cause your models to sometimes look like this if you have shadows turned on:

Basically what happens is sometimes when you are "inside" a shadow you can see this effect that make your shadows look "shattered".
This bug has been around since Sketchup version 1.1 and its wonderful to see it finally fixed!
Google put together this great little video to show you the difference.
The best part about this is that its a free upgrade!  To get it, go the following menus in Sketchup.

Windows: Choose Help > Check for Update
Mac: Choose SketchUp > Check Web for Update

I'd like to also thank the SketchThis.NET art department for taking the time to edit the Sketchup 8 logo.

UPDATE:  You can see the full release notes here.