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Steve Jobs has passed away

I just got a text a little while ago from my sister, it read "Steve Jobs died, look at the news"

I didn't believe her.  I checked Google News, and Twitter.  There were only a few posts on Twitter, and one half-posted news article.  I thought it was all fake, then I went to and saw this:

Then something very odd happened to me, I got a little upset.  We've had a lot of celebrity deaths in the past few years, Michael Jackson, and Patrick Swayze to name a few.  Not that I take their deaths with a grain of salt, but I never really got upset over these deaths.  I just wasn't emotionally attached to these other stars in the way that I just realized I was attached to Steve Jobs.  I don't even know the hit movies in the theater, the latest tv show, and I don't even watch live sports.  I have referred to Apple product launches as "My Super Bowl" on several occasions as my friends will attest.  Steve Jobs has even gotten me to go off on several angry rants on this blog.
My father died of cancer several years ago.  He was an incredibly smart guy who worked harder then any other person I have ever met.  He would stop at nothing to get through the next hurdle or solve a problem to get ahead.  My father's tireless work ethic made him very successful, and someone who I wish was still here that I could look to for advice and guidance on my own endeavors.  In the days before my father passed away, he was still working.  Judging by the little time that has passed since Steve Jobs resignation, and the time he died, he and my father may have shared a very similar work ethic.
Perhaps I never let myself realize this before, but my admiration of Steve Jobs and what he has accomplished in his short life, for me runs deeper the latest iPad or MacBook, it's his tireless dedication in creating one of the most amazing companies on the planet.
Steve, you've left behind a wonderful legacy that will inspire people for generations to come.  You've certainly inspired me.