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The force is strong with Shaderlight

I have talked in the past about how I thought rendering was too complicated and too hard to do for the average Sketchupper.  I thought I was right until I discovered Shaderlight, the rendering plugin for Sketchup.  Check out some of the renderings I have done:

Shaderlight has proven to be a powerful, and very easy to use tool.  If you understand Sketchup, then you can understand Shaderlight.  As with any program, its always good to have a good teacher.  Its even better if you can learn from a master.  Martin Cox, the senior Shaderlight Ninja will be offering a free, yes, a FREE web seminar on lighting in Shaderlight on Thursday, April 14th at 1pm EST.  Click here to sign up!  Ingredients required to view this recipe of awesome?  A computer, monitor, and a dash of internet.  Thats it!

I've already seen him present in person, and I can tell you it will be worth it!