Kitchen Design Plugin for Sketchup, Sketchup training.

The greatest plugin I never new I needed!

As you may already know, I draw a lot of kitchens in Sketchup.  But that's not all I draw, I sub contract myself out to a lot of different professions.  Recently, I have been converting 2D house plans into 3D models.
If you've ever drawn an exterior of a house in 3D, you probably already know that one of the most difficult parts to draw is the roof.
Sketchup's rich and open API allow the open source community to create just about any plugin they want for Sketchup.  With this, you get some great plugins, and some not so great ones.  The other day, I came across one of the best plugins I have ever seen for Sketchup.
Its called "Instant Roof" by Vali Architects in Hawaii.  This jaw droopingly awesome caused me to curse out load when I first tried it.  To quote myself after I first used it:
"Holy ****!  That is ******* *** **** amazing!"
Now, before you start think I was rated R, it was a "for tv edit" outburst, see this example:
Now, for the serious stuff.  If you are drawing roofs on houses, then you NEED to get this plugin.  I'll let the creator explain it to you better then I can:

This plugin is immensely useful.  It is so well written.  I highly recommend that you go download it today.  There is a free version, and a pro version.  This is going save me loads of work.  If you draw houses for a living, this is sure to be one of the best tools you'll add to Sketchup.