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The Samsung Godzilla Phone

Alright, have you seen the Samsung Galaxy Note that they've been pushing lately?  It's the largest smartphone I've ever seen.  An iPhone has a 3.5" display.  I currently have a Droid RAZR with what I thought was a MASSIVE 4.3 inch screen.  The Samsung Galaxy Note...  (drumroll) is 5.3 INCHES!  That extra may as well be a mile in smartphone land.  Is this thing a tablet that makes calls?

Since this Godzilla of a phone is probably too big for most pockets, I'd rather just slap an iPad against my face, it'd look just about as silly!

To really see how large this thing is, go to this site and change the settings at the top for your screen size.  It will resize the picture on your screen so you can see just how large this thing is in real life.  Would you carry around a phone this big?