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WebPad for iPad

So to add even more awesomeness to the iPad, I have discovered a new app called WebPad.  WebPad lets you draw on your iPad, live on someone else's computer screen.  Ok, I realize that doesn't sound that exciting, so let me give you a real life scenario for this:

A customer called me a while back, I had been working on a design for them.  There was a particular detail that I was describing to them.  I had a picture in my head, and I was attempting to put it into words.  Like a lot of customers, they aren't telepathic, so they didn't understand what I was talking about.   If I was talking about this face to face, I would have fired up Adobe Ideas and draw out the sketch for them.  In this case, I didn't have that choice.

Enter WebPad:  With WebPad, I can fire it up, instantly email my customer a link.  Once they click on the link, they see my iPad screen live on their screen!  As I draw, it shows up on their screen.  AMAZING!  Virtual paper.  Watch my demo live below!