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We've gone social!

Even though in terms of technology, the internet is rather young, I think its here to stay! Since the internet became really popular, it has changed so much. I remember when it was a real novelty to see a picture on a website! Nowadays, if there isn't an "App for that" or a video on your site, you just aren't cool. Don't forget about "being social" as well!

It seems that internet users, rather then dealing with "real" social situations, have decided that socializing over the internet is much better. At first, I was a little skeptical of this whole social networking phenomenon. Now that the Whitehouse has a Facebook page, and we are Tweeting to space, I am convinced that social networking is here to stay.

So, throw my hat in and fill out my social networking portfolio with the following social networks!

Twitter - Here you will find our random thoughts and links as they relate to Sketchup (You can also pick up our Twitter feed to the left side of this blog.)

Facebook - You can "Become a fan" of SketchThis here. We try to keep this page very relevant to Sketchthis.

Email - If you are old school, and still using that ancient technology called email, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter.

So there you have it! SketchThis has social skills now!