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Hand Drawing with Jim Leggitt

A few weeks ago at the AIA show in Washington DC I had the chance to meet Jim Leggitt in person. For those of you that don't know, Jim Leggitt is an AIA member who creates absolutely incredible hand renderings of buildings.

Above is just a tiny example of what he does.  What you may or may not be able to tell from this picture is that he combines Sketchup 3D drawings with hand drafting.  Jim will create 3D models in Sketchup, print them out, and then draw by hand over them.  I had seen his stuff before, but never in person.

He took a moment to stop by the Sketchup booth where he showed me his book of drawings.  I was completely blown away.  His hand applied techniques to Sketchup models are simply amazing.  This video can explain what he does much better then I can here:

Jim is a fantastic guy.  His technique is nothing short of amazing, not only because the end result is fantastic, but it's not as hard to do as it looks.  Jim has a great blog with tips on how to do this, a book that he has written, and he even teaches classes on his techniques.  I highly recommend that you go over to his website and check it out, you won't be disappointed!


Sketchup 8 M3 Released!

Google has just released Sketchup 8 M3, their latest batch of bug fixes.  The fixes are as follows:

  • We’ve fixed some more crashes folks reported in Ruby Observers.
  • Those of you with many Ruby extensions installed should no longer suffer from greyed-out menu items.
  • SketchUp Pro network licenses on Windows now allow multiple instances to run on the same machine at one time.
  • ...and the usual collection of performance improvements, security updates and bug fixes.

While it's nothing earth shattering, it's nice to see that even in the wake of an acquisition, they are still constantly improving Sketchup.  If you are eligible for the update, you will get notified the next time you open Sketchup.

Via the Google Sketchup blog

Shaderlight Introduces Cloud Rendering

Shaderlight, our favorite renderer has announced a partnership with the Boulder CO  based Limitless Computing.

The partnership will allow Shaderlight users to send their renderings to the cloud to be rendered.  They claim that rendering animations can be 30x faster then rendering them on your machine.

Utilizing powerful computers in the cloud sounds good to me!  See  below for the official press release from Shaderlight.

The official launch day will be at AIA booth #1908 on May 17th in Washington DC.  We'll be there in the Sketchup booth right across the isle to see it all!

ARTVPS and Limitless Computing Introduce SketchUp Rendering to the Cloud

14 May 2012

Launching at the AIA National Convention and Design Expo, Booth 1908

BOULDER, CO and CAMBRIDGE, UK – May 14, 2012 – Limitless Computing Inc.®, a leading provider of 3D mobile Augmented Reality, and ArtVPS Ltd, developers of Shaderlight™, the interactive rendering software for SketchUp, today announced the launch of Shaderlight Cloud Rendering powered by Limitless Computing. Combining the highest quality rendering from Shaderlight and proven technology from Limitless Computing, this innovative new tool delivers the fastest, most effective workflow for SketchUp users.

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering powered by Limitless Computing renders SketchUp animations up to 30x faster, and scenes up to 5x faster, delivering high resolution, photorealistic visualizations direct from SketchUp in hours, not days. It frees up desktop computers for other work, enabling Shaderlight users to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Offering a low-cost alternative to rendering scenes and animations in-house, pricing starts from under $10, delivering high quality rendered images without investment in costly hardware.

Launching in booth 1908 at the AIA National Convention and Design Expo, Shaderlight Cloud Rendering powered by Limitless Computing will be available to all SketchUp and Shaderlight users in June.

Graham Wylie, CEO at ArtVPS said, “This launch removes any final barriers for SketchUp users’ wanting to deliver high quality renders, quickly, without tying up their systems. This is the natural progression for Shaderlight and we are delighted to be working with Limitless Computing on this exciting innovation.”

“Anyone who has limited hardware resources or a tight deadline will find this powerful solution a tremendous value,” commented Dr. Errin T. Weller, president, Limitless Computing Inc.  “Animation sequences that would otherwise tie up workstations for days will be done on time and within budget.”

About Limitless Computing Limitless Computing Inc. is a Boulder, CO-based company that has been providing cloud computing since 2006 and specializes in Augmented Reality. Limitless Computing brought Augmented Reality to Google SketchUp in 2011 with the release of the mobile application SightSpace 3D for Apple and added Kindle Fire and Android devices in 2012.  (

About ArtVPS Founded in 2002, ArtVPS Limited quickly established itself as the leading developer of dedicated rendering hardware, developing the first processor designed exclusively to accelerate ray tracing of 3D data. ArtVPS is today leading the way in developing photorealistic rendering solutions that generate visually accurate representations of 3D scenes. Its revolutionary flagship rendering technology, Shaderlight, is a physically based, progressive ray-tracer that enables interactive, nonlinear changes to the materials, environments, lighting and textures at any stage within the rendering process – even on production-ready images. (

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