Cabinet Features

The cabinets in the SketchThis Kitchen Design Plugin are extremely flexible. Some of the many features that are available to see below:

Our components are smart!

Our components are built to be smart. To change their smart options, all you need to do is open the Dynamic Components dialog.

Dimensioning Cabinets

Changing the dimensions of cabinets is easy. Just type in the dimension you want, and Sketchup will figure it out for you. We'll even round them for you so you get the right size, every time.

Scale to resize cabinets

Maybe you want a cabinet to fit in a particular space, but you don't want to do the math to figure it out? Use the Scale Tool and our smart cabinets will fit right into the space.


There are many different door overlays, 1/2", Full, 3/8 Lipped, Frameless, Inset, and beaded inset. Our cabinets do them all. We're the only Sketchup solution that can do this.

Extended Side Backs

Need to scribe your cabinets against an irregular wall? Perhaps you've got an exposed rear of a cabinet and you need to capture a back panel, you can extended the side of the cabinet past the back to help with this.

Top Drawer Height

The top drawer height of a cabinet can be changed. Want to remove the drawer altogether? Just set the height to zero.

Total Doors

Do you need to have multiple doors stacked on top of one anther? Perhaps you want to create a drawer base. This setting will allow you to do that.

Doors across bottom

Maybe you put in a single door cabinet and you now want two doors, maybe you need three, or 77. You can do that with this setting, no need to download another cabinet.

Top Drawers across

Need to split a top drawer into multiple drawers? You can do that with this setting.

Toe Kick Height

Easily change the height of your toe kicks with this setting. Perhaps you're creating an accessible kitchen, raise them right up to 9". Perhaps you don't want any toe kicks at all, just make them zero.

Side Recess

This setting allows you to recess the side of the cabinet. This can be an easy way to create a pipe chase, or scribe to a wall without having to use an extended stile.

Face Frame Width

This setting can change the width of a face frame.

Extended Stiles

Need to scribe to something? Make an extended stile.

Base microwave

This base microwave cabinet is a custom cabinet that allows you to type in exactly what your cutout is supposed to be for a microwave.

Blind corner cabinets

Planning a blind corner cabinet can be difficult. With all the settings in this cabinet, you'll be able to figure out exactly the cabinet you need easily and quickly.

Square corner cabinet

This is a square corner base cabinet with many different sizing options.

Angle Base

Have you ever used an angle base and needed a custom angle? That's where some seriously advanced math comes in. This cabinet will take care of all that for you!

Tall oven cabinet

If you're configuring a tall oven cabinet and you need a special cutout, this is the cabinet for you. Just type in the dimensions of your oven cutout and this cabinet will take care of the rest.

Hold doors down

Do you have an overlay cabinet and need to nail crown to the face of it? This setting will hold the doors off of the face frame so that you've got somewhere to nail up your crown.

Wall cabinet glueing

Our wall cabinets are super smart and will stick to walls automatically. Sometimes you don't want this. To disable it just follow these simple steps.

Dynamic Tile

Planning tile on a wall can be very time consuming. With this mind blowingly awesome automagic tile, our plugin can do a lot of the work for you.

Undermounting a sink

Undermounting a sink in Sketchup can be tedious at best, and impossible at worst. This component, along with these simple steps will take care of that for you.