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Currently Eric is on a three year teaching tour with Ellen Cheever and Kitchen and Bath Design News teaching a program that he co-developed with Ellen.

The KBDN Art + Science seminar identifies “what’s next” in design and technology so that you can address the needs of a younger, less-traditional client while increasing your profits in the New Digital Age. In addition to the class presentations by Ellen and Eric, you can meet leading product manufacturers who sponsor this event for their customers. You also receive an elegant, 120-page workbook that includes all the details of the material presented.

If you would like to attend one of these seminars you can do so here.

Eric also teaches SketchUp to students all around the world. He has taught architects, kitchen designers, interior designers and more. In addition to that he has been hired to teach SketchUp in digital fabrication including 3D printing and CNC fabrication.

Eric, and his company SketchThis.NET are a part of the SketchUp Visiting Professionals program.

The SketchUp Pro Visiting Professionals Program is an exciting opportunity for students and faculty to learn how pros in a variety of disciplines are using SketchUp Pro and LayOut in their professional practices.

You can hire Eric to teach you digital fabrication and SketchUp here.


Eric is an active columnist in Kitchen and Bath Design News. For years Eric has covered design technology and how it affects the design industry. You can read his articles quarterly in the print or digital edition or by using the link below.

Eric also maintains a blog at his companies' website. There he covers everything from design technology, digital fabrication, SketchUp, and sometimes times things that are completely irreverent. You can read his posts by using the link below.


Eric has been a designer since he was very young. Starting out with Legos he built and designed many space ships.

After graduation, Eric started designing furniture, architectural millwork and kitchens. 

Eric also designs many digitally fabricated structures and objects. Using 3D printers he designs and produces objects for many different clients and projects.

He also has been designing digitally fabricated homes. See his work on Wikihouse, the open sourced home construction system that uses CNC machines and assembles like a big IKEA kit.


Eric also is deeply passionate about making things. Anything from a small 3D printed widget, to and entire house out of plywood.

In the past Eric has designed and built a Geodesic dome (two actually!) He has also helped assemble a large Wikihouse.

He is also into CNC fabrication. In his spare time Eric like to design and build many things in his shop. You can see some of his CNC projects here.

His projects range from small signs to much larger toolboxes and furniture.